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Questions Pertaining to Strategy Checklists

Different types of questions are needed to be employed by organisational managers to understand and evaluate the efficacy of the strategies used by the firm and thereby suggest needed modifications and changes therein. The questions that can be effectively posed in this regard are identification of the strategy, manner of fulfilment of organisational and customer servicing objectives, way of dealing or countering competitive pressures in the industry, manner of dealing with changes in demands and expectations made by customers and also the fashion of adjusting the strategy to effectively match the changes both in the external and internal business environment. The above questions can be verily used by the organisational managers for evaluating the potential of the existing strategy framework and of bringing about needed alterations. The article focuses on incorporating the strategy checklists regards to assignment writing companies like assignment help UK and thereby in researching on their existing strategy potential.

Inferences to Questions for Assignment Writing Firms 

Companies involved in serving the students with quality assignments can effectively make use of the strategy checklists for evaluating the effectiveness of the current strategy and thereby to suggest needed recommendations thereof in the existing strategy framework. The strategy of the academic writing companies is to focus on enhancing the level of transparency based on employment of customer servicing points to interact with clients through use of diverse modes like chats, electronic mails and teleconferencing and videoconferencing with also the sharing of samples of writers on website for empowering students to choose writers. Further, the strategy rests on selection, development and retention of writers and proof-readers for focusing on generating quality assignments to the clients in a consistent fashion. The above strategies would effectively contribute in meeting the objectives concerning client satisfaction and would also enhance the trust and dependency of students on the writing firm. To deal with competitive pressure the assignment writing firms can effectively advertise and promote their products and services based on use of different platforms like digital and social networking mediums. Similarly, the assignment writing firms can also strategise and develop their market presence based on the use of designing effective advertisements for the digital media like YouTube and social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Use of celebrity endorsements can also help in attracting consumer mind set with also the generation of effective testimonials to be published along the website and other social media platforms. Customer support teams operating in 24/7 environment can help in identifying the changes in consumer demands and expectations from assignment writing firms. Incorporation of the feedbacks rendered by customers would help in enhancing the relevancy of the assignments carried out by the assignment writing firms.

Requirement of Managerial Interventions 

The managers responsible for developing effective strategies regarding talent requisition and retention in assignment writing services are required to continually focus on the development of effective recruitment and selection platforms for choosing of the right candidate for serving the needs of the clients. Similarly, effective incentives both financial and non-financial are required to be planned to help retain quality talents with the team.