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Please refer to our frequently asked questions below to find answers to common questions regarding our services

How do I place an order on your website for professional writing services?

To place an order, simply navigate over to the writing order page and fill out the order information. Alternatively, you can place your order over the phone or by using the Live Chat feature.

My order requires me to use a specific source that I do not have, can you guys find it?

We have a wide variety of online resources and access to multiple databases to find the right source for you. While we can't find absolutely everything, we can typically dig it out. If a situation arises where we can't find a certain book or article, we will notify you ASAP and figure out a solution.

I am curious about the status of my order, how do I find out?

If you would like an update on your order, please check your online account and submit a new comment. Please be patient in waiting for a response; our writers and editors try their best to answer questions as soon as possible!.

I need my paper really soon! When will I get?

You will receive your paper at the time that you specified when you filled out your order form. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about our order fulfillment process.

How will I get my paper?

We will also send you an e-mail notification when your finished product is ready for download!.

What happens if I need last minute changes made to my order?

While we make our best effort to be responsive and helpful 24/7, all changes must be made in accordance with our revision policy. If you would like this policy explained to you in greater detail, please contact one of our support representatives via Live Chat or over the phone.

Who will write my order?

Your paper will be completed by a qualified British or American writer. We NEVER outsource work overseas. Your writer will also specialize in the topic you have requested.

How qualified are the writers?

All of our writers are seasoned veterans of the trade. They all went to prestigious universities and graduated with high GPA's. They know the ins and outs of how to get A's.

Where do you guys find the sources?

We have access to many databases of scholarly articles, journals, books and media which we use. Rest assured, we only use content and resources that are accepted in the academic community as being both "scholarly" and "reputable."

What is your revision policy?

We will be happy to revise your order as long as the revision you request fits the scope of your original order. Please note that you have seven (7) days after your order has been placed to ask for a revision. For more information, please give us a call.

Is my payment secure?

Absolutely, we use PayPal,the safest and easiest ways to pay online. With either vendor, your transaction, along with your personal information, is 100% confidential.

Is our business confidential?

Yes, we are a private company and uphold a strong sense of decorum in dealing with confidentiality. We will not, under any circumstance (unless required to do so by federal law), give out any of your personal information to anyone. Ever.

How do I know that my paper is not plagiarized?

We use a robust anti-plagiarism software application that screens all outgoing orders before we send it to you. On top of that, we have no tolerance for plagiarism in our staff and any writer who violates that will be terminated.

What happens if I am not satisfied?

If you are not satisfied with the results or your order, we will be happy to make amendments within seven (7) days of your order. Please see our revision policy for more information on how this process works.

Why should I use Premium Dissertation rather than other sites?

We do not outsource our writing staff from India, Pakistan and Ukraine like almost every other writing service on the Internet. Our company is also owned and operated by recent college graduates who better understand students' needs as well as the current state of global education.