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Writing an essay and get promoted with an A grade is the dream of many students. But many universities in UK are giving good grades to students; people say that the universities have gone softer in their grading. However, after this allegation, universities may revise their grading structure which means students will have to put effort more than ever to pass.

However writing an essay, especially a first-class essay is not as easy as it seems. It requires not only knowledge of the subject, but also the ability to correctly formulate your thoughts, deeper knowledge, and conclusions. If you have any difficulties in writing and designing an essay, then you can ask for help from the British dissertation writers, who guarantee your academic success.

In this article, we will talk about what you should do to write a first-class essay to ace your degree.

Study Essays of Other Authors

This should be done before you sat down to write your work. Studying essays by other authors will give an idea about the project itself. Like what not to write, what words can be used, determine the approximate structure and principles of writing.  A first-class essay should reflect the personality of the author, temperament, thoughts, and opinions, etc.

Study in Depth, Go Above And Beyond

It is important for a student not only to show how he/she relates to the question/problem posed but also to study and analyze its development. It is important to have an understanding of the topic, but it is best to dive into it as deeply as possible.

This approach will demonstrate the seriousness of writing a first-class essay and the level of your preparation as a student. To do this, you will have to go beyond regular books; make extra efforts; search and study suitable literature. Use only trusted reliable and valid sources. 

Be Creative But Also Follow The Guideline

Despite the fact that an essay is considered a creative work with an arbitrary structure, it is best to think carefully. What you will write, where and what to mention, how to connect everything, etc. therefore; it is best to develop a work plan. Be creative and unique but also follow the assignment brief. If your essay has everything in it and doesn’t match the guidelines provided, you won’t be getting good grades.

Logical Structure and Clear Arguments

Even if you take help from assignment writing services UK for your essay, make sure it has a logical structure. The essay should contain the following information:

  • Title
  • Introductory Part (briefly acquainting the reader with the topic)
  • The Main Part (arguments are given)
  • Conclusion

It is important that your essay has a proper structure and the arguments you present are solid, clear, and backed by facts. Therefore, it is necessary to reflect the list of references, which will are included in the work.

Be Your Best And Don't Chase Volume

More is not better. When writing a first-class essay, it is best to stick to the rule that you need to stand out in a crowd. For this, you will have to act like a gambler and take all the risks. This means you are ready to write on critical and controversial topics. Put all your efforts, dedication, and remember that hard work is the key to success. And those who are willing to take the risk normally end at the top.

The essence of a first-class essay relies on the individual’s style, manner of communication, and behavior. Be yourself, but at the same time, try to be concise in your thoughts. Short sentences are perceived much easier and do not overload the brain. Usually, students think the essay should have volume but even the work of master essay writing service is concise and to the point.

Read Work of Others, But Write Your Own

When writing a first-class essay, you can rely on arguments, facts, but don’t take over the opinion of experts. The main thing is to be yourself and defend your position. Don’t copy their style and words. This won’t differentiate your work from others. You are the master of your own thoughts and words which can be better than others. So, read the works of other authors, you can get inspiration from them but always write on your own.

Here are some additional tips that can help end at the top of the class through a first-class essay:

  • Start The Preparation For Essay Writing Early
  • Take Help From Your Supervisor or External Expert
  • Engaging Topic and Content
  • Contribute to Knowledge Creation
  • Think Out of The Box


Writing an essay at the undergraduate or masters’ level always has a great impact on your grading. Therefore, like other assignments, your essay should be first-class that impresses the reader and compel the checker to give you good grades.